We are not accepting applications at this time. If you’d like to be notified when the next call goes out, email: (Submission instructions below are for reference only.)



Read the details about the AIR Program.

Create a folder in Dropbox.

Label the folder yourlastname_InscapeAIR2019

Share the folder with

Include in Folder:

  1. A word doc or pdf containing answers to application questions, as well as your bio, statement, and project proposal. Label this file yourlastname_Application
  2. Work Samples: Please submit 5 images or work samples. Acceptable file types: jpg, doc, docx, mpg, mov, mp4, and pdf. Maximum file size is 2 MB. If you are submitting video, animation or alternative media please provide a link to your media and a precise time code of the work – the committee will review a 30 second portion.
  3. Work Sample description list. Label this file yourlastname_work. Include the following information for each work sample:
  • title
  • date completed
  • medium
  • dimensions, or for video: time code start
  • Brief Description (if necessary)





Submit a word doc or pdf with the following information:



Phone Number

Email Address


What art form do you primarily practice?

How did you hear about the Inscape AIR Program?

Which residency slots will work for you? Which ones won’t? (listed on “Details page”)


Please tell us about your background as an artist.
(300 words maximum)


Please tell us about your work as an artist.
(500 words maximum)

Project Proposal

What would you like to do as an Artist-in-Residence at Inscape? What would you like to show at the end of your residency period? (500 words maximum)