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Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we ask artists to be flexible with residency availability dates. We are doing all we can to ensure the residency program continues, but there is a lot of uncertainty due to the pandemic as we follow guidelines and mandates from the State of Washington. You can find out more about Inscape’s Covid procedures and protocols below.


The Inscape Artist-in-Residence program provides artists with a dynamic cultural and historic location to engage with community, research, and develop new work and ideas at the Inscape Arts Building – an art studio building in the  former immigration and detention center in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District.   

Presented by the Friends of Inscape, the residency features a free work-only space for one artist or artist-team for 10 weeks.  Depending on the goals of selected artists, they have the opportunity to hold workshops, talks, exhibitions, and receive studio visits from curators or artist mentors.  

Four artists per year are selected.  This selection cycle for residencies begins in January 2023. The selection committee includes representatives from the Inscape Community and a representative from the Wing Luke Asian Art Museum, as well as regional arts organizations that intersect with ethnic and immigrant communities. The committee seeks thoughtful and compelling applications of high quality work  and values applications that convey engagement with the historic immigrantion building and the surrounding diverse neighborhood.

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DEADLINE: Friday, September 16th, 2022



The residency is open to all artists by application. We are currently accepting applications for the 2023 residency period, running from January 2023-December 2023. In honor of the history of the building, artists who are immigrants and/or from underrepresented populations are strongly encouraged to apply.

Residency dates will be:
January 11- March 22,  2023
April 17 – July 26, 2023
September 7- November 16, 2023


The Studio Spaces:

  • Siquina Space (Space 1): Approx. 17 x 22 feet, white drywall walls, concrete floor, no windows) on the first floor of Inscape.  Great space for artists working with low light, sound, and technology. Also doubles as a gallery featuring track lighting.
  • Space 2:  Approx. 400sf, window with northern light. This is  a good space for artists that require natural light and/or are working with more traditional media due to better ventilation.
  • Both spaces are for  studio-only residencies – not live/work.

Exhibition & Community Engagement:  Depending on health guidelines artists will be given opportunities to engage with the community (in-person or online), exhibit artwork, and/or participate in Open House events.

Selection Process

Residencies will be awarded to artists who submit thoughtful, compelling and relevant applications that consist of high quality work.  Inscape is a large community of diverse artists in a former Immigration and Naturalization Service building (on the National Register of Historic Places) in the Chinatown International District.  We value applications that display engagement with the Inscape artist community, the historic INS building and/or the CID community. 

Residency Requirements

Artists are expected to work onsite for a minimum of 10 hours a week for the duration of the residency period.

Artists are responsible for their own materials.

Artists may choose to have an engagement with the public and Inscape community. (Example: this could be an exhibition, performance, artist talk, and/or workshop.) Artists must be over the age of 18 and not currently enrolled in a degree program.



Haein Kang Winter – Spring 2022

 HJ “Cortez” Amaro Fall 2021

Barry Johnson Fall 2020 – Winter 2021

Emily Tanner-McLean – Spring-Summer 2020

Dhaba (Maggie Argiro & Sanwal Deen) Summer-Fall 2019

Fumi Amano Spring 2019

Nina Vichayapai Fall 2018

Natasha Marin Spring 2018

Sofia Babaeva Fall 2017

Yuri Kinoshita Summer 2017

Iole Alessandrini Spring 2017


How long is the residency?
The duration of the residency may vary, but it is approximately ten weeks and is posted along with the call to artists.

What is the studio like?
There are two studio spaces:
The Siquina Space (Space1): 400 square feet with concrete floors, 11 foot tall ceilings and white walls. There is no natural light, and lighting is provided by overhead fluorescents. There are two 120v outlets in the room.
Space 2: Approx. 400 square feet, with concrete floors,11 foot tall ceilings, a window and northern light. There are two 120v outlets. This is  a good space for artists that require natural light and/or are working with more traditional media due to better ventilation.

What access will I have to the studio & building?
Artist-in-Residents will be given a key card and have 24/7 access to the studio and building.

Is there parking? Loading?
Yes, there is limited parking for the building and you will be given a parking spot for the duration of the residency. (Inscape is only a few minutes walk from the International District public transit station; biking and public transportation are encouraged!). There is a loading bay in the back of the building that you have access to via a freight elevator.

What type of media is accepted?
All visual art media and performance art is accepted. Please note that there is limited ventilation in the studio, so strong solvents are not allowed. There is a spray booth in the basement for use of solvents or fixatives, and a kiln room.

What facilities does the building have?
There are general use bathrooms on the first floor and a utility sink that is always available. In addition, there is a spray booth, freight elevator, and kiln usage.  There are two outdoor patios on the 2nd floor.  Interpretive information about the building history is displayed on all floors, courtesy of the Wing Luke Museum.

Is the studio handicap accessible?


Inscape follows the guidelines and mandates from the State of Washington. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we ask artists to be flexible with residency availability dates and this also may affect open studio or public events related to the Artist-in-Residency program. As of July 2022 (the time of this publication) masks are not required in public spaces, but recommended.




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