News: Open Studios

June 9, 2018

Summer 2018

Join us for our semiannual Open Studios on June 9! Over thirty artists will have their studios open on all five floors of our historic building, with work including painting, neon drawing, photography, clothing design and more. Food truck outside all day!

Participating artists: Laura Allen/Two Ponies Press, Kimberly Balla, Susanna Bluhm, Patti Bowman, Neil H. Buckland, Eric Day Chamberlain, Jean Bronson Galli, Charlie Hellstern Interior Design, Maggie Jiang, Tania Kupczak/branchwater studio, Michael Lorefice, Mary Dee Mateo, Tara McDermott, Guy Merrill, A.Oei Studio, PaTan, Charles Prutting, Charles Smith, Marta Solomianko, Makul Soman, The Common Acre, Anastasia Zielinski, and MORE!

On the patio, The Common Acre will be hosting a workshop wherein participants can create their own leaf print postcard while imbibing a special sangria with honey harvested from bees they’re raising at SeaTac airport!

Satpreet Kahlon

On The High Wall

A Slow Unravelling of the Same Thread (and the universal tragedy of time)

9 pm to 11 pm

Natasha Marin

Natasha Marin

First Floor Gallery: Black Imagination
11 am to 5 pm


Natasha Marin, Artist-in-Residence
Black Imagination
First Floor Gallery
Saturday June 9, 2018, 11am – 5pm

One studio at Inscape is not rented as a normal studio space; instead it is used both as a gallery space for projects curated by Inscape artists and as a space awarded to an artist-in-residence for a period ranging from 1 – 4 months. A small group of Inscape artists select the artist-in-residence.

Natasha Marin, our current artist-in-residence, will be wrapping up her time at Inscape with a solo exhibition during the Open Studios on Saturday June 9 from 11am – 5pm.

Marin’s current project, Black Imagination, has been the focus of her time at Inscape and will also be the subject of an exhibition this spring in Tacoma (FEAST Arts Center) and another this summer in Seattle (Virago Gallery). On his experience of the project, Charles Mudede wrote, “The US is visually white but sonically black. We have for the eyes, the face of Marilyn Monroe, but for the ears, the voice of Billie Holiday. And so it is in sound that American blackness has its greatest and most immediate power. Black Imagination exploits this power effectively.”

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On the High Wall

Satpreet Kahlon
A slow unraveling of the same thread (and the universal tragedy of time)
On the High Wall (southwest exterior wall of Inscape) Nightly screenings after dark:
June 7 – 10 Reception: June 9, 2018 from 9-11pm

The High Wall at Inscape is proud to present projections of A slow unraveling of the same thread (and the universal tragedy of time) by Satpreet Kahlon every night from June 7 – 10, with a reception for the artist on Saturday June 9.

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The High Wall is located on the south-west exterior of the Inscape building; projections are best viewed after dark from the patio or parking lots of the Inscape building, the PFI Parking lot, and both north- and south- bound light rail trains, as well as all levels of the CenturyLink Field parking lot. On Saturday June 9th, join us for a small reception on the second floor patio of the building from 9-11pm, after the Open Studios.