WS is BS*

Presented by SPoCS in the Inscape Arts First Floor Gallery, May 4, 2019, 12 – 6 pm

*White Supremacy is Bullshit is a durational creative experience that is free and open to the public as part of INSCAPE ARTS’ Open House on May 4th.

Natasha Marin, Rohena Alam Khan, and Carolyn Hitt will occupy the first floor studio during this Spring’s Open House. Expect to be intrigued and challenged in equal parts. All are welcome.

About SPoCS (Seattle People of Color Salon)

We strive to make space for our multivalent selves. We contain multitudes of opinions and try to communicate with respect and listen to each other’s experiences as a recognition of the true value each of our lives hold. We work towards a potential whole, where we can disagree on many things, but always agree to keep learning and growing as we make mistakes. If you identify as a non-white-identified person of color, you are welcome to join us on Facebook ( However, if you are anti-black, anti-trans, or fall on the hotep-spectrum, this may not be the group for you as it is likely that you will experience well-articulated and strongly-worded push-back for perpetuating cycles of oppression (internalized or otherwise). Seattle People of Color Salon (SPoCS) is fiscally sponsored by Shunpike.