Artist-in-Residence: Pete Fleming

Winter – Spring 2023

Pete Fleming lives and works in Seattle. He is an immigrant of European origin who experiences the joys of an international community while also feeling the very real impact of border politics on where, how, and with who, he lives. Approaching the digital image from a materialist position, his work engages with objects and processes that interweave virtual and physical space. Integral to this practice is his concept of the photograph as word-image-touch-object, a term that is intended to articulate the materiality of a photograph as it moves between servers, fingertips, light emissions, and feelings. He has been using his time as an Inscape Artist in Residence to continue his work producing large scale works using experimental photographic print processes. You can see a new artwork he produced during the residency on Mercer St (Westbound) as part of the Shunpike Storefront program until the end of May 2023.