Artist-in-Residence: Yuri Kinoshita

Summer 2017

Yuri Kinoshita creates large-scale installations that usually incorporate light as well as finely crafted structural elements that come together to create an interior space that evokes both the grandness and minuteness of nature. In Kyoto, where Kinoshita grew up, her family has manufactured kimonos for three generations – an occupation that has influenced her as an artist. She writes: “The richly-patterned textiles that surrounded me from childhood always showed fine descriptions of natural beauty.” Describing her art practice that has evolved throughout her professional and personal trajectory, including her move to Seattle, she writes: “I stitch, dye, sew, fold, and shape organic materials by hand, to create pieces that are individually fashioned to their environments. I design them to be playful…compartments of light, with hidden surprises, just as the skies appear to me.”