Join us in celebrating the works of Otts Bolisay, Tony Ortega, and Samantha Manion-Chavez at the High Wall 2023 Reception at INSCAPE OUTSIDE, Thursday July 27 from 7 – midnight! Tickets are free with registration; more info at these links:


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The High Wall is an outdoor video projection project at the Inscape Arts Building. Honoring the building’s complicated history as an immigration station, the High Wall aims to show the work of artists who are immigrants or working with themes of immigration and diaspora. Located on the south-west exterior of the Inscape building, projections are best viewed after dark from the porches or parking lots of the Inscape building, the PFI Parking lot, and both north- and south- bound light rail trains, as well as all levels of the Lumen Field parking garage. During exhibitions, members of the public are welcome to a reception on the second floor south porch of the building as darkness falls. Most exhibitions also include printed interviews with participating artists; documentation is shared here online.

Special thanks to the Wing Luke Museum.

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The High Wall is powered by Shunpike. Shunpike is the 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that provides independent arts groups in Washington State with the services, resources, and opportunities they need to forge their own paths to sustainable success.


Tracy Rector
You Are On Indigenous Land
August 2018

Satpreet Kahlon
A slow unraveling of the same thread (and the universal tragedy of time)
June 2018

C. Davida Ingram
When I Rub the Dead Skin of the Thing against Me I find I am Soft, Brown, and Human
November 2017

Klara Glosova
Watching the Green Grass Grow
August 2017

Dan Hawkins
The Water Project
April 2017

Rodrigo Valenzuela, Video
November 2016

D.K. Pan
Love Peace Power
August 2016


Current: Britta Johnson and Rafael Soldi     Previous: D.K. Pan


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