In the Gallery: This Noble Work

curated by Tania Kupczak

Opening Reception: Thursday July 5 from 6 – 10pm, concurrent with the Pioneer Square Art Walk.

Gallery Open: Friday Aug 3 – Saturday Aug 4 from 1 – 7pm.

Closing Reception: Sunday Aug 5 from 6 – 10pm, concurrent with the end of Seattle Art Fair.

The allure of neon: a few blocks away from the glitter of the Seattle Arts Fair, 10 Seattle-based artists ranging from beginner to professional present an array of sculptural work that literally glows with mystery and promise. Neon, a medium with origins in solid blue-collar practicality and sign-making, gets a beautiful twist in diverse new work ranging from fine art to utilitarian craft.

Neon has a particularly American quality – simultaneously bringing to mind eerie late-night roadside signs as well as futuristic visions that never quite seemed to materialize. Seattle is currently nurturing a community of artists seduced by the creative potential of this noble gas; learning, supporting, and teaching each other in the use of this medium for artistic expression. Curated by artist Tania Kupczak, this by-the-people, for-the-people show runs concurrently with the Seattle Arts Fair and is held nearby in the historic Inscape Arts and Culture Building.

FEATURING WORK BY: Alleson Buchanan, Kendall Cortese, Kelsey Fernkopf, Koko Jamison, Dani Kaes, Ramie Kraun, Tania Kupczak, Inna Peck, Kristen Ramirez, Renee Shure

Tania Kupczak is a filmmaker, visual artist and discourse surfer. With a BA in Biology from Oberlin College and an MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Arts, she now works professionally as a Production Designer for film. Tania is the recipient of a Jack Straw New Media residency and two Artist Trust GAP awards. Her studio work encompasses film, neon sculpture and drawing in an installation-based practice. She focuses on the relationship of the human body and the forces of nature that push against each other as we move through space / time. This is her curatorial debut.


More info available at Branchwater Studio