On the High Wall: Otts Bolisay, Tony Ortega, and Samantha Manion-Chavez

Presented in partnership with Strange Fire Collective and guest curated by Kelly Lee Webeck and Jesse Egner

 July 27-30 2023

The High Wall, in partnership with Strange Fire Collective, is excited to present video works on the exterior of the Inscape building by Otts Bolisay (Seattle, WA), Tony Ortega (Denver, CO), and Samantha Manion-Chavez (Albuquerque, NM) this July. Visit the links below for more information about the opening reception on July 27.


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This year’s presentation is guest-curated by Jesse Egner and Kelly Webeck of the Strange Fire Collective.

This year’s artists present three compelling video works that echo important issues of our time. The three video works will be visible after dark July 27–30, 2023. A public reception will take place on the west patio of the Inscape building on July 27, in collaboration with Friends of Inscape and other building organizations.

An emerging artist, Otts Bolisay was born and raised in the Bahamas, where his parents settled when martial law was declared in the Philippines. After living in Seattle for 20+ years, these roots, across empires, oceans, and archipelagos influence his work. Otts’ art often involves a longing for connection and an exploration of the different ways we show and take care of each other.

Samantha Manion-Chavez is a transdisciplinary Latina artist raised in Denver, Colorado and the pastoral countryside of southern Illinois. Her practice juxtaposes the domestic Latin folk art of Colcha Embroidery with chaotic, organic landscapes. Exposed to the elements of rain, wind, and sun the handmade textiles become an active collaboration between artist and nature.

Often drawn from pop culture, Tony Ortega’s work focuses on images of the Chicano experience. He creates a visual language that speaks to issues of identity, shifting demographics, and cultural hybridity: Spanish to English, community to capitalism, and family to individuality and back again.